Video surveillance system, identification, recording and archiving (VISA)

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The video surveillance, identification, recording and archiving system (VISA briefly) of KRUS Electronics is designed for the task of monitoring, registration and analysis of regular and emergency situations in urban and suburban environments. Objects of identification, monitoring and recording are vehicles and persons engaged in violations of law and public policy or sought on these and other reasons. Recorded video information, identification databases, objects and actions of the system operators are recorded in digital form on disk arrays with a high degree of protection for at least 30 days (it depends only on the size of drives installed) and then records are maintained for several months. The system is part of measures to actively manage urban infrastructure, preventing violations of law and public order, terrorism, emergencies and disasters, and effective actions if such occur. Full Description...

VISA system consists of the following separate subsystems:

  • VIDIX - digital video surveillance system in real time, recording and archiving.

KRUS Electronics offers different implementations depending on the desired by the customer number, type (conventional or IP) and resolution (CIF, D1, Megapixel 5 Mpix) cameras, Video Servers, workstations for local and remote access, centralized monitoring centers, management and analysis to complete systems.

  • REGIX - Automatic identification of vehicle registration plates.

REGIX is complex software and hardware system that implements automatic identification of  vehicle registration plates , records the information in the database and generates alarm signals to the Police Department and municipal offices for vehicles reported missing, based on "wanted" lists or vehicles of operational interest. Such realized and fully functioning system is deployed in the Sunny Beach resort and the town of Nessebar. Full Description...

  • SPEEDIX - Automatic identification and registration of speeding vechicles.

SPEEDIX is a system (set of hardware and software) for automatic identification and registration of vehicles passing at speeds breaking the current road limit. SPEEDIX suite is based on cutting edge video identification technology and Doppler radars operating in the VHF range with high accuracy of ± 0.1 km / h and at speeds up to 240 km/h. Full Description...

Demonstration SPEEDIX work in real time

  • REDIX - complex software and hardware tools for automatic identification and registration of vehicles crossing on red traffic light and violating road markings.
  • TRAFIX - complex software and hardware tools for managing traffic lights, road signs, road signs and electronic signs.
    TRAFIX programming environment is based on MicroSoft® SQL Server to implement remote monitoring, diagnosis and management of pre-defined algorithms, schemes or time zones and graphic visualization of the state of traffic lights at an intersection or group of intersections. In addition to the TRAFIX system we offer traffic signal sections and electronic signs that are very reliable and with long exploitation life (over 10 years without replacement) based on multicolored LED indicators. All of these are using network controllers managed in real time by TRAFIX.


HRONIS - Нов GPS-базиран контролер за точно време и управление на часовникови системи

Изделието HRONIS на КРУС Електроник е нов GPS-базиран контролер за точно време, съвместим с фамилиите ACIDIX/ACSIS, със софтуерен контролен панел и Wi-Fi интерфейс за програмиране и настройка и има автоматична смяна на зимно и лятно часово време. Той има RS485 интерфейс за синхронизация на компютърни системи, контролери за достъп и охрана ACIDIX/ACSIS и вторични електронни часовници, вграден 12/24V линеен интерфейс за сверяване на вторични електромеханични часовници - до 4 линии по 80 часовника на линия, като генерира минутни импулси с програмируема продължителност, има защита на линиите от пренапрежение, претоварване по ток и изключване при разряд на акумулатора. Притежава програмируми изходи за управление на допълнителни устройства-училищни звънци, мелодични сигнали и синтез на говор на кръгъл час, звукови и светлинни аларми по предварително зададено седмично разписание и др.


Old Nessebar shines at night

A panoramic tour of the ancient town of Nessebar this summer will be even more pleasant and romantic, because the isthmus connecting the new with the old town is beautified with additional LED lights shining in the dark hours of the day thanks to KRUS Electronics Ltd. This romantic touch on one of the emblems of Nessebar not only focuses on the thin strip of land connecting the peninsula, but also underlines the magnetic charm of the millennial city.

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Light-information boards showing the number of parking spaces in Nessebar
In early 2009, KRUS Electronics Ltd. was contracted by the municipality of Nessebar to build an integrated system for vehicle access and centralized parking system, covering access to Old Town and the four most loaded parking in the town of Nessebar. The system was implemented successfully and put into operation in early Summer 2009 season.