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The solutions of KRUS Electronics in the field of integrated electronic security systems are in two main directions:

  • Surveillance systems, identification, recording and archiving;
  • Systems for access control, security, management of buildings and sites with payment;

These solutions are designed KRUS Electronics not only for internal system integration, but also for building complex security systems with elements of both major parties.

Integrated video surveillance, identification, recording and archiving (VISA) consists of the following interrelated subsystems:

  • digital video surveillance, recording and archiving - VIDIX
  • identification and recording of registration plates of vehicles - REGIX
  • Identification and recording of registration plates of speeding vehicles - SPEEDIX
  • recognizing and recording of registration plates of vehicles breaking traffic lights, road signs and road markings - REDIX
  • quickly scan and recognize the data in identification documents of citizens, driving licenses and car documents

The powerful software in the field of integrated electronic systems for surveillance, developed completely by KRUS Electronics, allows any number of combinations of sub-systems running on a single platform with one common user interface and integration with other systems or in hierarchical structures with one or more control and management central. An example is the conceptual development called TRAFIX, which aims at establishing a single point of management of transport infrastructure of a city, district municipality, etc. .

Hardware devices in the family ACIDIX developed by KRS Electronics is a basis for building integrated systems for access control, security and management of buildings and sites with payment of varying complexity and functionality, individually or as combinations of:

  • system access control;
  • system for monitoring and reporting of working time;
  • security system against infiltration of facilities, buildings and territories;
  • parking systems for employee and / or paid parking;
  • system for fire alarm and fire fighting;
  • hotel access system, energy saving, climate control and payment;
  • restaurant payment systems;
  • specialized payment systems in commercial, sporting and cultural sites;
  • exact time clock systems for computer networks, secondary arms and digital clocks;
  • public visual information systems based on LED / LCD panels;

Identification of employees, visitors, vehicles and guests of the hotel, restaurant and parking is based on passive and active "Proximity" radio identifiers for contactless reading.

The proposed software package of integrated software systems for access control and security SICOND Mini, Lite and Pro allow the construction of the simplest systems to hierarchical structures nationwide computer centers with a total database for single point control of many local systems. Program packages SICOND Parking Lite, Parking Pro, SICOND Hotel and SICOND Restaurant offers an ability to build parking, hotel and restaurant systems and their integration with other systems for access control and security, or in hierarchical structures with one or more central control and management. An example is the development of a single security system, CCTV, access and parking of Nessebar and Sunny Sunny Beach, which is in full operation since 2008 and incorporates elements from all integrated electronic security systems developed by KRUS Electronics.



HRONIS - Нов GPS-базиран контролер за точно време и управление на часовникови системи

Изделието HRONIS на КРУС Електроник е нов GPS-базиран контролер за точно време, съвместим с фамилиите ACIDIX/ACSIS, със софтуерен контролен панел и Wi-Fi интерфейс за програмиране и настройка и има автоматична смяна на зимно и лятно часово време. Той има RS485 интерфейс за синхронизация на компютърни системи, контролери за достъп и охрана ACIDIX/ACSIS и вторични електронни часовници, вграден 12/24V линеен интерфейс за сверяване на вторични електромеханични часовници - до 4 линии по 80 часовника на линия, като генерира минутни импулси с програмируема продължителност, има защита на линиите от пренапрежение, претоварване по ток и изключване при разряд на акумулатора. Притежава програмируми изходи за управление на допълнителни устройства-училищни звънци, мелодични сигнали и синтез на говор на кръгъл час, звукови и светлинни аларми по предварително зададено седмично разписание и др.


Old Nessebar shines at night

A panoramic tour of the ancient town of Nessebar this summer will be even more pleasant and romantic, because the isthmus connecting the new with the old town is beautified with additional LED lights shining in the dark hours of the day thanks to KRUS Electronics Ltd. This romantic touch on one of the emblems of Nessebar not only focuses on the thin strip of land connecting the peninsula, but also underlines the magnetic charm of the millennial city.

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Light-information boards showing the number of parking spaces in Nessebar
In early 2009, KRUS Electronics Ltd. was contracted by the municipality of Nessebar to build an integrated system for vehicle access and centralized parking system, covering access to Old Town and the four most loaded parking in the town of Nessebar. The system was implemented successfully and put into operation in early Summer 2009 season.